TamAy Artist Edition
A design collaboration with Düsseldorf based Artist TamAy for bachHOCH2 socks collection 2/2017. Below listed are all stages of the development process, starting by defining colors with the help of TamAy's hand painted patterns to the 3D modeling of the socks and additional clothing for the VR based social media platform SANSAR.
Hand painted drawings from TamAy - Pantone color 1st definition
Getting TamAy's hand painted images into a digital state via AI and recolouring fit for  Pantone TPX Cotton
2D flat drawings and 3D renderings for all 5 models
First line of production with pattern knitted into white cotton socks
Second line of production with sublime print on white ribbed cotton socks
Final line of production knitted pattern into a transparent nylon knit base
Printed Flyers for our B2B customers at the trade shows including digitally drawn mock ups of the socks
Final product shooting in Vienna with photographer VanDeHart Photography:
Production of all models after the trade shows in our factory in China
Completing the socks with simple outfits for SANSAR virtual reality social media
And finally play the game <3

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