ISLAND Edition
Stella Achenbach Identity Goods​​​​​​​

The ISLAND Edition was the first of two accessory collections inspired my travels to the Maldives. The textures of handwoven palm leafs, the pink flower buds and the ever so clear and crisp blue water. All of this took my breath away. 

Besides that everywhere you need to go in the Maldives you have to do it by boat or ferry, meaning travel light is sometimes a really smart idea. Some days if you are just traveling between the main Islands, being Male and Hulhumalé, you might just want to take something small for a few personal items or something slim but larger to carry a notepad or I-pad. These necessities resulted in the specific sizes of the bags and their slim format. The collection was made from coated calf leather, which is easy to clean and to a certain amount water resistant.

(The different names for the bags were inspired by the native 
language of the Maldives, called Divehi)
Stella Achenbach Identity Goods x Die Prägemanufaktur
(images @prägemanufaktur)
Packaging for the ISLAND EDITION Etuis:

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