bachHOCH2 x TamAy
Design collaboration with Düsseldorf based Artist TamAy for our socks collection 2:2017.
Presenting 1st stages of development, refinement and final product shooting:

For further interest please visit -->
1. Hand painted drawings from TamAy - Pantone color 1st definition:
2. Getting TamAy's hand painted images into a digital state via AI and recolouring fit for  Pantone TPX Cotton in Düsseldorf, Germany:
3. 2D flat drawings and 3D renderings for all 5 models:
4. Printed Flyers for our B2B customers at the trade shows including digitally drawn mock ups of the socks:
5. Final product shooting in Vienna with photographer VanDeHart:
6. Production of all models after the trade shows in our factory in China:
7. Completing the socks with some simple shirt dresses:

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