In 2009 I learned about Ernst Haeckel (a German naturalist, philosopher and artist/ born-1834/ died-1919), from a nicely wrapped book.
During a trip to France he discovered and described nearly 150 new invertebrate life forms, i.e. mi- croscopic boneless sea animals, called “radiolarians”.
Fascinated by his passion and engagement for something that one would not notice at first glance, I concerned myself much further with his works and philosophic opinions on life as a whole. My collection “radiolaria” is inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s passion as well as the explicit, fragile and nearly invisible world of radiolarians.
By reflecting my research I set out to create a swimwear collection fabricated out of selfcreated knit fabric tubes and endowed with three dimensional paper craft details. The pieces themselves are directly draped on a stockman doll and are completely hand stitched. 
photographer - Bernd Mats
graphics - Verena Snurer
styling - Lauren Cooke

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