During my studies, I was working for an Indian wholesaler who dealt mainly with art, lifestyle and fashion objects. Due to the close connection, I met his family. Since he spends most of the time in Austria and his family is staying with his parents in India, they often had discussions on moving to Austria. Discussions held between the two worlds show an open question: If an Indian women moves to an European country, how will she feel? Can she still lead her life the way she was taught and, even more so, would she be willing to do it differently? The same applies to her outer appearance. Not even thinking about any kind of emotional involvement, what will she wear? If she wears traditional garments she will always look out of place, but the drapings of a saree are a holy process.
The challenge that arises in the globalized world is, how to accommodate a style, which let‘s her feel complete and also at home in a completely different country. This question led to the creation of the samaasa collection. 
photographer - Bernd Mats
graphics - Verena Snurer
styling - Stella Achenbach, Lauren Cooke & Martha Foremniak
make-up & hair - Anna Delic

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